Why should I add testing & treatment to my practice?



 As the primary care provider, you know who among your patients would benefit from allergy testing and treatment. inWellness helps you build a stronger practice with a more diverse range of treatment options. When you diagnose patients with conditions like asthma, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and others, you can decide to test them for appropriate treatment options.  By implementing the inWellness allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment in-office program, your practice will offer a value-added service, providing convenience to your patients and assistance with retention – ultimately increasing your practice’s revenue.

Allergy Trends


... of American adults suffer from nasal allergies.


... of American children suffer from nasal allergies.


Estimated # of Americans affected by nasal allergies.


Leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S.

inWellness meets this need with convenient access for your patients and an easy, value-added offering for your practice.  Programs available for Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Integrated Medicine, Pediatric, Naturopathic and Chiropractic Providers and more. inWellness can train you and your staff, or our team can function as a complete turn-key solution.  Either way, it’s just that simple.

* Source: Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.


What’s involved?

inWellness utilizes Modified Quantitative Allergy Push Testing (MQPT).  In conventional prick testing, allergens are introduced only into the outermost layer of the skin (the epidermis) to give a broad sense of what an individual is allergic to and to grossly estimate how allergic they are to each allergen.  The inWellness process is less invasive but equally as effective.  A Multi-Test device is used to maximize efficiency and minimize discomfort.  Push testing is well tolerated even in young children.  Dependent upon which model most effectively benefits your practice, a certified inWellness technician may train your staff, typically a medical assistant (though some providers may prefer to administer themselves), on how to administer the testing.


Who handles diagnosis & treatment?

After the testing is complete, the allergy technician (either your trained MA, or an inWellness allergy technician) will review the results with you and the patient. If the patient is determined by you to be a candidate for immunotherapy (allergy desensitization), then the allergy technician will provide the results to an inWellness physician who orders the serum mixing prescription and the locally-based inWellness allergy preparation center will formulate the custom allergy serum vials based upon the individual patient testing results. The serum vials will be reviewed by inWellness’s clinical staff, and the immunotherapy will be shipped or personally delivered to your office to be administered by either your staff (or an inWellness allergy technician, dependent upon the model) per the inWellness allergy protocol.


Space? Staff? Material?

inWellness allergy services are designed to fit seamlessly into your current clinical practice. Dependent upon the model chosen, prior to commencement of the allergy program, an inWellness team may come to your office and train your appropriate medical staff.  Thereafter, inWellness will assign an Allergy Services Clinical Liaison to manage the program in your office and provide ongoing support. Only a minimal amount of space is needed to get the program up and running.  As the immunotherapy serum vials must be refrigerated, a small refrigerator is required.


Allergy testing & treatment is a specialty that many healthcare providers don’t have an easy solution for in-house. At inWellness, we can provide all the tools and resources you need to address this concern for your patients.  The result for you is more, happier patients and another regular revenue stream for your practice that you may have never considered before.

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inWellness is dedicated to the highest quality patient care and superior customer service to our partners. You will have an administrator assigned to your practice who can answer any questions and solve any challenges you may have. We are dedicated to creating a successful program for you.

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