inWellness is a mobile wellness healthcare company specializing in diagnostic testing & treatment of allergies providing a perfect and useful complement to any health & wellness fair or event. inWellness provides full on-site services and resources to inform and test people interested in learning about their allergy susceptibility as well as potentially treat those who have been diagnosed as a candidate for immunotherapy (desensitization). inWellness handles all insurance billing making the entire process a seamless benefit to your community or corporate-based health fair/event.

Why Wellness Matters


... of American organizations regularly hold health fairs.


... of those conduct screenings for specific conditions.



Healthier Employees



More staff camaraderie
Greater productivity
Reduced absenteeism
Lower insurance costs

* Society for Human Resource Management.


What’s involved?

inWellness will set up an on-site testing space at the event, typically a traditional vendor table(s) set-up.  The employees attending the wellness fair/event will be able to come to the inWellness “booth” to learn more, ask questions, and be tested using a Modified Quantitative Allergy Push Test (MQPT). This test is less invasive, more comfortable, and equally effective to traditional “prick testing” and can be administered in a couple of minutes with very minimal patient discomfort.  It includes approximately 60 airborne (inhalant) allergens consisting of Arizona-specific trees, grasses and weeds, as well as animals, molds and dust mites.  The results of this test identify allergens that may be treated with a patient-specific immunotherapy serum.  An additional array of 20 food allergens is also tested for, though immunotherapy treatment for any food sensitivities/reactions is not presently offered.


Who handles diagnosis & treatment?

After the testing is complete, results will be immediately reviewed with the patient.  If the patient is determined to be a candidate for immunotherapy (allergy desensitization), then the allergy technician, subject to patient consent, will provide the results to an inWellness physician who orders the serum mixing prescription and the locally-based inWellness allergy preparation center will formulate the custom allergy serum vials based upon the individual patient testing results.  The on-site inWellness program enables your participating employees to be treated quickly and efficiently at your facility reducing time away from work creating an on-site wellness environment that improves employee health, reduces absenteeism and keeps your employees engaged in their own positive health outcomes.


Space? Staff? Material?

The entire program (both the wellness event testing and subsequent treatment) can be administered within a very small physical space. inWellness staff will set up and administer the program on a schedule that works with the individual company’s needs.  Post-testing, for any employees desiring treatment, scheduling weekly on-site time (only for the first three immunotherapy treatments) for your inWellness program enables your employees to receive treatments on the corporate campus rather than traveling to their doctor’s office reducing time lost from work and keeping them focused and engaged at work.


Health/Wellness fairs are a tremendously valuable way to provide important health information and screening services to large numbers of employees in a convenient ‘one-stop shop’ format.  inWellness adds to the value of that event by informing, testing and, when applicable, treating some of the 50MM Americans who suffer and miss work due to their nasal allergies and illnesses resulting from those allergies.  Contact us today to learn more and get started with inWellness.

Contact us today to learn more and get started with inWellness.